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mardi 1er octobre 2013
par  Allen
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SOS Section GB : Every Wednesday 8h15-9h00, C113

Dear Parents,

This year I will be piloting an initiative intended to provide additional support for British Section students of Collège les Hauts Grillets following on the lines ‘soutien scolaire’ in other subjects. The idea is to offer students an opportunity outside of lessons to receive support with their British Section studies, whether this be developing their English language skills or receiving support and direction in their British Section classwork and/or homework.

The sessions are entirely voluntary and will take place from 8h15 until 9h05 in Room C113 on Wednesday mornings beginning on Wednesday 2nd October. These sessions are open to all British Section students from 6ème to 3ème who are available at this time.

Those who wish to attend should ensure that they bring with them some work. If they have a particular language area that they feel they need to work on, they should let me know in advance so I can advise them.

This is a pilot scheme that will be subject to review during the course of the year. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely

Claire Allen

British Section Co-ordinator, Collège les Hauts Grillets