Welcome to the British Section at Collège les Hauts Grillets

mardi 1er octobre 2013
par  Allen
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I would like to welcome you all back at the start of this academic year and I hope all our students and parents have had a restful and enjoyable summer break. In particular I would like to welcome new students and families that are joining us this September at Hauts Grillets.

As British Section co-ordinator at Collège les Hauts Grillets, it is my role to provide pastoral support for the British Section students. I teach three out of the four British Section classes and am onsite everyday. If students have any worries or questions they can find me in the British Section office or the salle de professeurs. If I am unavailable they can of course speak with their British Section tutor, their professeur principal, Vie Scolaire or the school nurse.

This year the British Section teaching team at Collège les Hauts Grillets is as follows :

British Section Co-ordinator : Ms Claire Allen (callen@britishsection.fr )

British Section librarian : Mrs Catherine Vironda

3ème : Sally Naylor (ENL) and Jonathan Taylor (ENH)

4ème : Margaret Slaiding (ENL) and Claire Allen (ENH)

5ème : Claire Allen (ENL) and Jonathan Taylor (ENH)

6ème : Claire Allen (ENL) and Jonathan Taylor (ENH)

Upcoming events at Collège les Hauts Grillets :

SOS Section GB : Every Wednesday from 8h15-9h00 in C113. Open to all British Section students.

Buddy Breaktime : Wednesday 9th October in C113 for all 6ème and 5ème students

British Section Trips

5ème Castles Trip : 7th – 9th November

3ème London Trip : 12th – 15th November

French teachers will be informed in advance that students from 5ème and 3ème will be absent on these dates. It is the responsibility of the students to make sure that they catch up on work missed. They should arrange for a responsible classmate to keep any work for them. It is also good manners to speak to the teachers in advance to remind them of the trip and to find out if there is any work they will miss.